HBO Nordic

This addon enables you to browse all the available content (TV and movies) on HBO Nordic's website directly from within KODI.
Each series are presented by season which makes the browsing more convenient and extra info about series/episodes are pulled
from the TVdb. Playback is done through an external web browser and when running the addon on Windows playback and login will be automatic.

The following features are available:

  • Support for watched episodes.
    Whenever an episode is started from KODI, the addon will automatically set that episode as watched.
    You can also control this by pressing C when standing on an epsiode and select if it should be marked as watched or unmarked.
  • Retrieving TV-Series info from the TVDB
    The addon uses the API from the TVDB and retrieves fanart, season banners, episode screenshot and general episode data from the TVDB.
    This can be switched off in the settings for the addon, but it's recommended that you use this.
  • Full MCE Remote support (on Windows only)
    With the helpt from AutoHotKey script you can now control the playback on the HBO Nordic website.
    The AutoHotKey script is started when the playback is initiated and stopped when the playback is stopped.

    The following keys are supported on the MCE remote:
    PAUSE and PLAY buttons will both toggle between play and pause.
    The OK button will go to fullscreen and toggle this if already in fullscreen.
    The BACK button will go from fullscreen to normal view.
    The STOP button will end the playback and exit both the launcher application and the AutoHotKey script and take you back to KODI and the addon.

  • Automatic login and start of playback (on Windows only).
    This feature is available when the launcher application is used (it's default on Windows).

Please be advised that this add-on is not in any way supported by HBO Nordic.





Version history

Version 1.2.1

Version 1.2.0

Version 1.1.9

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